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Sense of Pawfection

Chameleon Slide-on Bandana

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ID Tag Loop

All Decked Up is a cute collection of fabrics featuring stripes, tortoise and chameleons.

This style of Dog Bandana is made with one square of cotton fabric, resulting in a double-sided triangular shaped bandana which has an opening at the top that slides on to the collar, making it secure.

There is an option to add a loop to the centre of your bandana to attach an ID tag. Ideal for dogs that wear harnesses instead of collars (see photo below for example loop).

Dog Bandana sizes correspond with the dog collar sizes. So if you order a small dog collar, the small bandana will fit. Dog Bandanas are available in the following sizes:

  • Extra Small - 15cm x 10.5cm 
  • Small - 17.5cm x 13.5cm
  • Medium - 22cm x 16.5cm 
  • Large - 32cm x 22cm.


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