Care Instructions

As with any kind of fabric, daily use can make products look grubby, especially with the lighter design fabric colours.

  • Products can be washed by hand or machine washable on a cool cycle with similar colours and left to air dry.
  • Please make sure collars are closed so as not to damage the wings of the buckle.
  • Placing in a net laundry bag is advisable.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Items can be lightly ironed, taking care near elastic, logo labels or hardware.

As with all pet products, nothing is indestructible, chew-proof or scratch-proof. By purchasing these products, customers acknowledge the limitations of the materials used.

General wear and tear will occur to any items that are worn on a regular basis. Please be aware that if a pet scratches the product, the fabric can become damaged over time. Similarly, rough play with another pet can also cause damage to the product. Prolonged periods of wetness may also have an impact on the durability of the product and therefore should be dried immediately. Sea water and prolonged periods in direct sunlight may fade the products.  

It is the purchaser/owners’ responsibility to check the item regularly and prior to each use to make sure it is still in full working order and safe for their pet.

Discontinue use immediately if a defect, damage or issue is found with the product. Items should be replaced by the owner at the first sign of wear and tear, damage or unsuitability. It is not the responsibility of ‘Sense of Pawfection’ for general wear and tear.