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Sense of Pawfection

Witches Brew Spiders Dog Bow

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"Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn and caldron bubble".....
A spooktastic collection featuring Witches hats, cats, bats and spiders on green.

A range of Halloween ID tags are available from our fabulous Furiends at Heads Or Tails.

All Dog Bows can be made with different types of attachment to suit your prefered purpose: 

  1. A small loop of elastic to slide on to the dog collar or lead. 
  2. An alligator hair clip to attach to fur or hair (the small size bow works best due to the weight of fabric). 
  3. A long loop of elastic that can be adjusted to your pets head when used as a head bow. 
  4. Velcro strap to be used with Martingale collars.
  5. Adjustable strap to wear without a collar.

Dog Bows and Bow Ties measurements:

  • Small - 8cm x 6cm 
  • Medium - 10cm x 8cm 
  • Large - 12cm x 9cm

Dog Sailor Bow measurements:

  • Small - 8cm x 10cm 
  • Medium - 10cm x 12cm 
  • Large - 12cm x 15cm



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