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Ivory - Two

Sense of Pawfection

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Ivory - Two

The limited edition 'Baroque Collection' is greatly influenced by the exuberance and grandeur of the historic period with opulent colours, dramatic patterns and gilded finishes. Only one or two collars will be made in each pattern.

Ivory is a crisp pale colour. These dramatically rich collars are made with gold hardware to further intensify their resplendence!

Fully adjustable and made with a durable webbing inner and hardware, these are a lovely addition to your pets wardrobe. They can be washed by hand or machine washable at 30 degrees with similar colours and left to air dry.

When fitting your pets collar, place two fingers comfortably between their neck and the collar to make sure it is not too tight. As with all collars, check for wear and tear from time to time and replace when appropriate.

It is a legal requirement in the UK that all dogs must wear a collar and tag in public areas.

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