Fabric Printing

Sense of Pawfection

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Fabric Printing
Fabric Printing
Fabric Printing

Fabric printing with your own logo and/or colour scheme.

The price is for one metre lengths and includes the fabric, printing your design, and postage to Sense of Pawfection from an independent company. I do not manufacture the fabric myself.

Email me your logo, colour scheme and all other relevant information to I will then create a jpeg to be sent to the manufacturer. I am not currently charging for this service. (Please note I do not design logos)

Logo jpegExample: Logo jpeg

It will take around ten days for me to receive the fabric, then I can make your items.

The remaining fabric will belong to you and can be stored by myself for future purchases, or sent back to you with your order. 

Example: Printing placement

The amount of products I can make from one metre of fabric will depend upon the items you are purchasing. Leads and extra large collars will obviously use up more of the fabric compared to extra small collars. However, I would expect to get approximately ten collars of mixed sizes from one length. If you are intending to purchase more than ten items, please increase the quantity of fabric. Unfortunately the printing company only offer discounts when purchasing 5 meters or more.

  1. Purchase your fabric above.
  2. Email your logo and instructions regarding colour etc.
  3. I will email you a jpeg with your design. Confirm acceptance or instruct any  changes. I will proceed with printing once you confirm you are happy with the design. 
  4. Printed fabric may take a week to ten days to arrive. I will inform you when I have received it and proceed with your collar orders when I have received payment for them. Order your collars on the Bespoke Items page at the discounted price.