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Sense of Pawfection

Burlesque Beauty Book

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Burlesque Beauty is a book I collaborated on a few years ago with two friends and I have a few copies available.

From one-off amateur nights staged in small clubs & pubs in rural towns to highly polished touring shows promoted in provincial theatres & bigger cities, every week solo performers and larger troupes of dancers & performers can be found recreating this vintage entertainment from the 1920s & 30s... and this book offers a snapshot of a rejuvenated art-form as seen through the eyes of eight British artistes currently on the circuit..!
Today the choice of Burlesque performers in the UK is quite incredible: from Las Vegas-style showgirls to stunning fire-eaters, from slapstick parodies to ostrich-fan dances and from speciality acts to 1940¹s pin-ups sashaying to the Glenn Miller’s all happening! 
In fact such is the embarrassment of riches that authors Victoria Hardie, Chris Jones & Brian Matthews were nearly overwhelmed by choice, however they have carefully selected an eclectic mix of artistes who incorporate the important attributes making up the more ‘traditionally feminine’ Burlesque acts being recreated: Domino Barbeau, Khandie Khisses, Amber Topaz, Anna Fur Laxis, Sensu’Elle, Ally Katte, Mysti Vine and Carrie-Ann O'Dell.
But all have one thing in common: they enjoy performing Burlesque as can be seen in the exuberance of their performances... and the authors hope they have been successful in capturing just a flavour of today’s British Burlesque scene
In so doing they dedicate this book to everybody working so hard to successfully bring the art of Burlesque back from the brink of almost total extinction in the 1950s..!