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Sizing Chart


Every dog is unique and it is highly recommended you measure your dog to ensure an accurate and comfortable fit. It is also advisable to check the fitting of your pets’ collar regularly as neck measurements may change, especially important with puppies. ‘Sense of Pawfection’ is not responsible for inaccurate sizing. Please ensure your measurements are correct before placing your order.

Measure your pet by one of the following methods:

  • Use a dress makers tape measure placed around the pets’ neck.
  • Use a piece of string or similar if you do not have a dress makers tape to measure the length against a ruler.
  • Measure the length of their current collar against a ruler or tape measure.
  • Add 2cm for a comfortable fit.

Please make sure you check measurements carefully. If in doubt, please email me: sensuelle1@btinternet.com or message me through my Facebook page.


Size Guide

All my collars are adjustable. The guidelines below are general sizing recommendations and show the measurements between the shortened and extended length of the collar in centimeters and inches. 





Extra small narrow 15mm 21.5-32cm 8.5-12.5 inches
Extra small 20mm 21.5-32cm 8.5-12.5 inches
Small 20mm 27-41cm 10.5-16 inches
Medium 25mm 33-46cm 13-18.5 inches
Large 25mm 38-58cm 15-23 inches
Extra large 25mm 46-74cm 18-29 inches
Extra large wide 30mm 46-74cm 18-29 inches



Collars are dispatched at a certain length adjusted for packaging purposes only.

  • Remove the collar from the packaging and discard responsibly.
  • Open the collar by pinching the wings of the buckle and sliding the internal half of the buckle from the external half.
  • Loosen the fitting by adjusting the slider along the collar.
  • Place the collar around the pets’ neck to assess the adjustment required.
  • Place two fingers comfortably between your pets’ neck and the collar to make sure it is not too tight.
  • Once the appropriate adjustment has been selected, close the buckle by placing the internal half in the external half. Ensure the 'wings' of the buckle are moving freely and are fully located in the external half of the buckle when fastened.

As with all collars, check for wear and tear regularly and replace when appropriate. ‘Sense of Pawfection’ cannot be held responsible for any incidents or accidents as a result of incorrect fitting.



The purchaser is responsible for selecting the hardware most suitable for their pet. I have both plastic and metal hardware in many colour options. The d-ring will be metal in all purchases and either welded or fully cast for strength.

These products have been tried and tested with my own dogs over a number of years. However, it is the purchasers/owners responsibility to assess the suitability of using these products with their dogs.

Please be aware that the metal hardware is heavier than the plastic hardware and may not be suitable for really tiny pets. Metal hardware can also make a noise during movement, especially if a metal tag is tapping against it. If the pet is likely to be nervous or reactive to noise, please select plastic hardware. If collars are returned to be exchanged for different hardware, the extra postal charges will be incurred by the customer.