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Apples - Green

Sense of Pawfection

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Apples - Green
Apples - Green
Apples - Green
Apples - Green
Apples - Green
Apples - Green
Apples - Green
Apples - Green
Apples - Green
Apples - Green


A lovely windfall design of apples in green. This design is also available in red.

Items are sold separately, please add the lead to your order if you are wishing to purchase a set.


‘Sense of Pawfection’ products are sold as fun pet fashion accessories, and as such, it is the customers/owners’ sole responsibility for determining the suitability of these products for their pet.

Products are made with high quality cotton fabrics, with a durable polypropylene webbing inner and plastic or metal hardware. Collars are fully adjustable, please see below for my size guide.

Every effort has been made to test and verify the suitability of materials used in my products. The life span of products will depend upon the activity level and usage of each individual pet.

Differences in Designs

Please be aware that due to the size of the print on some of the fabrics used, the placing of the pattern may be different from the picture/pictures shown. Also, due to screen/monitor differences, colours may vary slightly from the images. I attempt to keep the aesthetics consistent on every product, but such as the nature of handmade items, the final product may differ slightly from the images illustrated.

Measuring, Size Guide & Fitting Instructions

All my collars are adjustable. Please see my size guide for measurements and fitting instructions


The purchaser is responsible for selecting the hardware most suitable for their pet. I have both plastic and metal hardware in many colour options. The d-ring will be metal in all purchases and either welded or fully cast for strength.

These products have been tried and tested with my own dogs over a number of years. However, it is the purchasers/owners responsibility to assess the suitability of using these products with their dogs.

Please be aware that the metal hardware is heavier than the plastic hardware and may not be suitable for really tiny pets. Metal hardware can also make a noise during movement, especially if a metal tag is tapping against it. If the pet is likely to be nervous or reactive to noise, please select plastic hardware. If collars are returned to be exchanged for different hardware, the extra postal charges will be incurred by the customer.

Care Instructions

As with any kind of fabric, daily use can make products look grubby, especially with the lighter design fabric colours. Products can be washed by hand or machine washable on a cool cycle with similar colours and left to air dry. Please make sure collars are closed so as not to damage the wings of the buckle. Placing in a net laundry bag is advisable. Do not tumble dry.

Wear and Tear

As with all pet products, nothing is indestructible, chew-proof or scratch-proof. By purchasing these products, customers acknowledge the limitations of the materials used.

General wear and tear will occur to any items that are worn on a regular basis. Please be aware that if a pet scratches the product, the fabric can become damaged over time. Similarly, rough play with another pet can also cause damage to the product. Prolonged periods of wetness may also have an impact on the durability of the product and therefore should be dried immediately. Sea water and prolonged periods in direct sunlight may fade the products.  It is the purchaser/owners’ responsibility to check the item regularly and prior to each use to make sure it is still in full working order and safe for their pet. Discontinue use immediately if a defect, damage or issue is found with the product. Items should be replaced by the owner at the first sign of wear and tear, damage or unsuitability. It is not the responsibility of ‘Sense of Pawfection’ for general wear and tear.


Upon receipt, products must be inspected thoroughly by the purchaser/owner and any defects or issues raised and brought to the attention of ‘Sense of Pawfection’ before use. Once the product has been used it becomes the full responsibility of the purchaser/owner.

‘Sense of Pawfection’ cannot be held liable for the use or misuse of products, damages, injury, loss, or harm caused either directly or indirectly by a defective or broken product. It is the sole responsibility of the user/buyer/owner to ensure the product can withstand the force of their dog.


It is a legal requirement in the UK that all dogs must wear a collar and tag in public areas.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the information above. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warmest Wishes



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