Design your own Collars

I am now happy to offer a bespoke service for customers to make collars and leads from fabrics incorporating their own logo and designs. Ideal for Agility groups, dog walkers, trainers, day care and boarding.

If you have your own logo and/or colour scheme, I can get your fabric printed for you. There is an additional initial outlay as fabric can only be printed on a minimum of one metre lengths but the remaining fabric will belong to you and can be stored by myself for future purchases, or sent back to you with your order. You will need to email your logo to me so that I can set up the design as a jpeg to be printed. The initial cost is for the fabric, printing and postage to me, I am not currently charging for setting up the jpeg. It will take around ten days for me to receive the fabric, then I can make your items.

Because you will be purchasing the fabric separately, the items I make will be discounted. You will still need to pay for the other materials (webbing, thread, hardware) and manufacturing. The discount is reflected in the prices below.

The amount of products I can make from one metre of fabric will depend upon the items you are purchasing. Leads and extra large collars will obviously use up more of the fabric compared to extra small collars. However, I would expect to get approximately ten collars of mixed sizes from one length. If you are intending to purchase more than ten items, please increase the quantity of fabric. Unfortunately the printing company only offer discounts when purchasing 5 meters or more.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase the fabric printing from the ‘Item’ box below.
  2. Email your logo, colour schemes and all instructions for your fabric to
  3. Purchase your items from the Bespoke Items below.

You can either wait until I confirm your fabric has arrived, or you can pre-order your desired items at the time of purchasing your fabric.