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Car Safety Restraints

In the UK it is the Law to keep pets restrained while travelling in a vehicle. Failure to do so violates rule 57 of the Highway Code which reads, “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly”.

Having an unrestrained pet in your vehicle could lead to distraction potentially causing an accident, a £2000 fine, loss of your licence and invalidation of your insurance! The law is clear; You must secure your animal while in a car. If you do not do this and an animal roaming freely around the vehicle is said to have contributed to causing an accident, then an insurance company could be well within their rights not to pay out on a claim.

There are several ways we can secure our dogs while travelling in the car:

  • A pet carrier
  • A dog cage
  • A dog guard
  • A seat belt restraint
  • A boot restraint

I make two types of restraint for the car – a seat belt restraint and a boot restraint. As with my collars and leads, both are made from durable Polypropylene webbing and covered in fun, quality limited edition fabrics to match your collars. They are adjustable and have hard wearing metalwork and can be hand-washed or machine washable at 30 degrees.

The Seat Belt Restraint simply attaches to the d-ring on your dog’s collar or harness, then slots in to the seat belt socket. Adjust the length of the restraint so that your dog can sit comfortably but not too loose that they can jump across the seats.

See photo below for seat belt sockets.


The Car Boot Restraint also attaches to the d-ring on your dog’s collar or harness, then on to a luggage anchor point in the boot of your car. These can be found in various places depending on the make and model of your vehicle. They may be on the floor or sides of the boot, or on the back of the rear passenger seats. They may appear as bolted down rings or bars within a small opening. Check your car manual for the location of your anchor points. Again, adjust the length of the restraint so that your dog is sitting or lying comfortably but not too loose that it can jump from the boot.

See photo below for luggage anchor points. 

Luggage anchor points


On a more positive note, you may find that your pet is calmer when restrained in the car. This is because they can't jump around and 'wind themselves up' with excitement, or even anxiety. I have always restrained my dogs in the boot from small pups for this very reason. I find it helps with their car training and they don't seem to be as 'vocal'. It also gives me peace of mind that they won't launch themselves out of the car when I open the boot. I can calmly attach each of their leads to their collars before unclipping the restraint and then allow them to exit the boot when I have made sure there are no potential hazards such as other vehicles or animals. Furthermore, dogs become naturally protective of their vehicles, so if a stranger were to open the boot, your dog will be able to warn them off without lunging for them!

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